Thursday, 5 November 2009

Remember, remember

I have been told that it is November 5th and this means bonfire night, guy fawkes, gun powder, treason and plot. And most importantly fireworks. Sadly, we are not having any of these over here.

Fireworks are impossible to buy at this time of year - some sort of regulation thing. Which is kind of ironic when you see what the Danes are allowed to do with fireworks in their own back-garden on New Year's Eve. As far as I can tell, no regulations whatsoever. Until you have seen your neighbour cheerfully lug a great big Rocket and launcher past your garden fence and witnessed the bombardment of fire that is truly spectacular at midnight on 31st December, you won't really understand what I mean. Every year I think it is amazing that more homes aren't totally burnt down by slightly mis-directed rockets.

Anyway. I used to love November 5th as a child. I remember cold nights up the rec watching the village display and the guy burning on the fire. And baked potatoes eaten in the back garden with sparklers for company.

And I remember writing a song with a few other children and the music teacher at my junior school. It was part of a school competition to do with fire safety.

At this time of year (and around New Year's Eve, funnily enough) I can sometimes be heard singing it to my children:

Remember, remember the fifth of November,
The firework code:

Stand well back when you light your jumping jack!
Remember the firework code.

And if you have a dog or cat
Well just remember that
They should stay indoors!

And if you have a rocket
Don't put it in your pocket
Remember the firework code!

And on and on and on for several more verses I think. Luckily, I don't remember it all.


  1. You know 5 Nov has kind of passed me by this year. In a good way. In fact I didnt' even clock it as a significant date until this afternoon. So different from the last 5 years, living in Hackney. We'd were subjected to fireworks from about 1 October onwards, and 5 november was a totaly nightmare with all neighbours going for it and the local park putting on a massive display. Not great with tiny babies! Although funnily enough they slept through it unti they were 1/2 ish.

    This year we're in the country and no fireworks.

    Naturally I now miss them....bah! x

  2. Thank you so much, Redhead. I read yours for the first time last night and felt the same about your writing, so - right back to you!