Wednesday, 9 June 2010

You can't always get what you want..

Samuel 's latest thing is letting me know what he needs. Very loudly. As in, when we are in the supermarket, whizzing past the dairy section, he will say (shout) "I NEED cheese Mummy. I NEED it! I NEED it!"

As if we are not already a spectacle enough in the supermarket what with the English talking already causing a few people to glance in our direction, we now have the loud declaration of NEEDS. Oh, and the SINGING.

Something about sitting in the supermarket trolley inspires Samuel to break into song. Most recently, he gave a very beautiful rendition of Truly Scrumptious (from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang) to the rather baffled man standing in the queue behind us. He doesn't quite know all the words and gets a bit stuck on the line "Never, never, never , go away" - stuck as in broken record stuck, on the never, never bit.... for a long time.

And he likes to point out what language people are speaking. He is fascinated that there are Men! In the shops! Talking Danish mummy! Talking DANISH! Over There! I've tried to explain that the majority of people in Denmark are speaking Danish, but he doesn't get it and is still delighted to hear and loudly identify other people speaking this language when we are out and about.

I've resigned myself to entertaining the local shopping population, while Anna gets in some practice at teenager behaviour and pretends she doesn't know us.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Believe the advertising

Those of you following along will be happy to know that the Lollipop Lady Runner is no more! The warmer weather meant that it was necessary to retire her. I spent an hour in Sports Master trying on every black pair of running leggings in the entire shop. They all looked completely identical until I got them on.

After much huffing and puffing and absolutely no help from the indifferent staff, I ended up buying some 3/4 length running tights from scandinavian Casall ( - it won't let me link directly to the fancy picture). These leggings promise that the strategically placed seams will improve my performance.

Oh, how I laughed... until I found myself on my next run - kitted out in new gear from head to toe ( I admit that I went a little OTT and even bought myself special socks with L and R printed on them - all very high-tech stuff).

I'm not sure if it was the seams or the socks or due to the fact that I have been doing this running for a good 6 months now - but I ran the furthest I have ever run (maybe ever even counting cross-country running at school - not sure how far they made us run around soggy middle England in uncomfortable gym-knickers)... but certainly ever in my adult-exercising life. I ran 8 km. In 45 minutes. And I know this is small potatoes for the folks that happily do 10 km in the rain after a 10 km cycle ride first (Emma!!) but it was a bit of an achievement for me.

I might have to treat myself to some new trainers next. If mere seams can result in 8 km, imagine what new shoes will do.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Cup of ambition

On Saturday, I attended a re-union party for a company that I used to work for. I talked to some people who last saw me as I waddled off on maternity leave for my first baby.

From which point you don't have to look very hard to find the reason(s) behind the subsequent patchy CV and awkward working hours. My career (and I really hesitate to call it that) hasn't exactly turned out how I expected. I think I fit into the "no regrets, but sometimes wonder if the right choices were made" category.

Right now I need to make my business work and it has been a bit too quiet recently. I initially sort of enjoyed the lull, but now I can feel the financial downside. Looking at the options, running my company does still seem to be the best way I can be home when I want to be for my children and still earn some reasonable money doing something I am good at and mostly enjoy.

So I need to drum up some new business and to "network" (shudder). The party invite came at just the right time.

The evening was kind of fun. But, stealing from Don Draper, I did feel that I was "at work disguised as a party". It was as much a business event as a social thing and I had to force myself to venture out of my comfort zone, which was sitting talking to the people I know quite well.

I wore my new dress and very high heels. My bag had lipstick and business cards in it. I drank two glasses of champagne early in the evening but did the rest of the evening sober. I'm really, really not a natural at these things, but I came home thinking it went fairly well - at least I don't think I made any terrible social gaffs and I managed to let people know my company was still very much alive. I tried to drop a few impressive names into the conversation, and implied to half a dozen potential new customer contacts that while I was always on the lookout for new business, and definitely had time for them, business was still ticking along nicely.

And when I went home, my bag was a few business cards lighter at least.

Well, perhaps I did something right. Today, I got a call from the Important Managing Director husband of someone I gave my card to. There was talk of interesting projects and possible money exchanging hands. All very positive and exciting. Hopefully.