Tuesday, 26 January 2010

About that running...

I just need to put in writing that I am now running 5 km every second day in about 30 minutes.

Never mind the fact that I look like a homeless person crossed with a lollipop lady in my cobbled together outfit, which is the result of the need for lots of layers (minus 5 degrees here still) and visibility and my lack of money to buy fancy running trousers. (If I am honest, I also don't want to go into a proper shop and buy appropriate attire for fear of being pointed at by the fit, young sales assistant as an imposter -"Call yourself a runner? Ha ha ha ha ha ha!").

No, this doesn’t matter because in the unlikely event that I saw anyone I knew while doing this running I would a) pretend to not recognise them and b) they would not recognise me anyway.

The first kilometre is still really, really tough. Someone said that I should "listen to my body" when it comes to exercise. But if I did this, I would not run at all because when I start running my body is screaming very loudly STOP! NOW! REST! What is this NONSENSE?!

But if I ignore the screaming and keep putting one foot in front of the other something fantastic happens. I start getting into some kind of rhythm, and suddenly my gasping for breath becomes more regular and I start to concentrate on the world around me. And for those 30 minutes, I am able to shut out everything else and just see the snow and the sky and the tarmac.

And with the brilliant addition of a running playlist beating in my ears, I find that I am able to conquer that last "killer hill" (thanks Tina) at a reasonable pace and make it home - sweaty, out of breath and tired, but exhilarated, extremely pleased with myself, and happy too.

If I keep it up for a few more weeks, I might just brave that sports shop and treat myself to something with “go faster” stripes on it.


  1. Well done, keep going, rah rah rah! I have begun running recently as well, and tho I despise it, myself, and everything in the world during the run itself... I am enjoying the after-effects. Good for you!

    Also, glad to hear the holiday season was smoother than expected!

  2. Wow! I'm sooo impressed, good for you. It's such a great feeling isn't it, I vaguely remember...
    So you'll be doing Tina's cross country 10 miles in a few months then?

  3. Cross country 10 miles!?! If only. Christmas killed me off, and I am now only managing a purple-faced and panting 4 miles once a week. Cathy has re-motivated me though. In fact, when I've finished this piece of cake, I might just put my trainers on. T x

  4. I think I might join Tina for the cake.

    I jinxed myself with this post (a bit like mentioning that the baby is sleeping through the night only to be woken up horribly the next evening) because my next run was really awful and very hard!