Monday, 7 June 2010

Believe the advertising

Those of you following along will be happy to know that the Lollipop Lady Runner is no more! The warmer weather meant that it was necessary to retire her. I spent an hour in Sports Master trying on every black pair of running leggings in the entire shop. They all looked completely identical until I got them on.

After much huffing and puffing and absolutely no help from the indifferent staff, I ended up buying some 3/4 length running tights from scandinavian Casall ( - it won't let me link directly to the fancy picture). These leggings promise that the strategically placed seams will improve my performance.

Oh, how I laughed... until I found myself on my next run - kitted out in new gear from head to toe ( I admit that I went a little OTT and even bought myself special socks with L and R printed on them - all very high-tech stuff).

I'm not sure if it was the seams or the socks or due to the fact that I have been doing this running for a good 6 months now - but I ran the furthest I have ever run (maybe ever even counting cross-country running at school - not sure how far they made us run around soggy middle England in uncomfortable gym-knickers)... but certainly ever in my adult-exercising life. I ran 8 km. In 45 minutes. And I know this is small potatoes for the folks that happily do 10 km in the rain after a 10 km cycle ride first (Emma!!) but it was a bit of an achievement for me.

I might have to treat myself to some new trainers next. If mere seams can result in 8 km, imagine what new shoes will do.

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  1. Am going to go and check the seams on my leggings immediately! Am sure they are not "strategically placed"! Knew I was going wrong somewhere. Thanks for the tip! T x