Saturday, 27 February 2010


Oh alright then already! Anything is better than all that talk about wee at the top, I suppose.

-Not much running going on at the moment. The dismal weather (ice, ice, snow, ice) and a stinking cold coupled with a trip to Blighty have knocked my running mojo.

In fact, the only Winter Olympics going on around here is in the telly - unless I can count the frantic exercise each morning to dress two children in suitable survival suits and boots so that they can navigate the garden path that has turned into an icy slalom run. After three months of nothing but snow, I'm getting quite good at it. I'd definitely give myself a bronze medal.

And I'm sure Anna would be ready to try that skeleton bob run thing at a moment’s notice. (Yeah, like we'd let in her try that! Diving head first down an ice chute at 100 mph plus speeds with little more than a swimming costume and a baking tray? Er, I think not.)

- Samuel does this thing where he deliberately gets you to say something and then promptly laughs at how wrong you are and then corrects you. For example:
Sam - I've got sticky hands! Honey! (holding up his hands)
Me - Oh, do you have honey on your hands?
Sam - No! (laughing at how unbelievably silly mummy is) Not honey! JAM!!
And numerous other similar examples.

- Anna is happy that they've started doing plays at school with the grade 3 children. She is currently playing Phyllis in The Railway Children and for the first time in ages came home very excited about it all.

She is also on to a more interesting Unit of Inquiry about animals and spent ages today telling me all sorts of facts about frogs and spiders and turtles. Or rather, she'd ask me some tricky question and then I'd admit that I didn't know and that I'd love to hear the answer. But then she'd make me guess the answer. Which was pretty impossible because it wasn't "guess-able" sort of stuff. So she made me make all sorts of weird (stupid) suggestions before she enlightened me with the correct answer.

Actually - there is a theme to this post after all: Both my children obviously delight at seeing me get the answer wrong and then being able to correct me.

Well, I'm not quite as stupid as they think. I tricked both of them into washing their hair tonight during a particularly splashy bath and they thought it was all their own idea. Ha!

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