Monday, 19 April 2010

Make believe

At the weekend, Samuel drove his little police motorcycle (complete with trailer) around the garden, stopping to collect important bits and pieces as he went.

He drove up to me, took some bark from his trailer and handed it to me:
Sam: Here you are mummy!
Me: Oh, thank you! What is this?
Sam: It's cake Mummy! Eat it!
Me: Oh, lovely, yummmm (proceed to fake-eat the bark)
Sam: You like it?
Me: Oh yes, lovely cake, thank you. Do you have some more? What other cakes do you have in your trailer? (pointing towards the things he has collected)?
Sam: This? (he holds up a stone)
Me: Oooh, yes please.
Sam: (incredulous) Mummy, this is a stone!

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