Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Things I would be writing about...

I am 18,654 words, 59 pages, and 203 footnotes into a document and project that has taken up all my available time and then just a bit more time that I didn't actually have.

If I wasn't so busy, I would write about:
  • How stressed I get when I can't quite see how I am going to tackle a job. And I feel very anxious and overwhelmed by the deadline. Once I've made a start on it, it feels more manageable and I realise that I can do it. I sometimes even realise that I am actually quite good at my job. However, despite reminding myself of this fact, the initial doubt and crisis of confidence is always there.
  • Power shopping but not in a good way. In a I-have-to-collect-children -from-school -in-15-minutes-and-I-have-to-buy-new-shoes-or-else-people-will-think-I-am-homeless kind of a panic way.
  • The irony of loving to have new stuff but absolutely hating to shop for myself.
  • Our trip to the zoo, where Sam's most favourite animal experience was not the exotic tiger or polar bear or crocodile, it was not even the monkeys or the penguins. No, it was the cow.
  • GOT3 - volcanic ash be damned, I am flying to Manchester on Friday for the third meet-up with my girlfriends. I am also cramming in a lunch with my mum and dad who are taking a stupidly long and expensive train journey to spend a few hours with their youngest daughter. I Can't Wait.

So that's what I have been doing. And if anyone can tell me why my To Do list always has exactly the same things on it that just won't go away (right now, winter tyres, haircuts, weeding, Dr. appointments, WORK, laundry, cooking, cleaning the floor) despite the fact that I dutifully do these things regularly and yet husband's To Do list is full of things that can be satisfactorily ticked off once and forever (fix garden fence, fix lawn mower and gate, mend Anna's bike) I would be grateful.

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